Punctilious is an exhibition that pays homage to the daring and boundary-pushing “illegal” graffiti movement of the eighties. This exhibition brings together the wonderful works of three renowned artists: The London Police, DIGITAL DOES, and Hugo Mulder DHM. With a constant pursuit of perfection and tireless dedication to their craft, these artists walk the delicate line between absolute genius and sheer madness. Crafting visual expressions where every dot, splatter, and stroke holds sincere artistic value. 

The opening, back in April, was a big success. As soon as the doors of the art’otel Gallery opened a stream of art enthusiasts and curious visitors entered the room. While the visitors enjoyed the delicious cocktails served by ARCA, more and more red dots appeared next to the artworks, representing the admiration of the guests. 

The exhibition served as a source of inspiration for many who attended. In addition to this great exhibition, we organize the workshop Canvas and Cocktails in the art’otel Gallery. Join us on April 25th for an exciting creative workshop, where you’ll have the chance to create your very own personalized tote bag with the guidance of Amsterdam Street Art. Using spray cans, stencils, and tagging materials, you’ll transform a plain tote into a unique and artistic masterpiece.

| Tickets € 25,- Drinks & Canvas bag included |


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