. What is your proudest achievement?

 For me, to be able to paint whatever I have in mind in each of the countries I visit is a great achievement. To be given the freedom to paint whatever I want and support your work.

2. Favorite Dutch food? ( if you know anything of course )

I have not got the opportunity to go to Holland, I really want to visit and know your country. I hope its possible soon when I have the opportunity to go, I will tell you about my experience and I will eat a lot.

3. From who did you learn the most?

I learned a lot from my grandmother, she taught me to respect nature, animals, and people.

4. What do you really love?

I like traveling a lot, having the opportunity to know other cultures and learn new things, it `s phenomenal. I like nature and animals too.


5. For which museum would you like to curate 1 exhibition?

It is a very difficult question, I don´t know. I have not even considered it, I do not close myself to possibilities. Of course, I would like myself to continue having exhibits but at this moment I have not considered a museum.

6. With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

He´s already dead. If I have the opportunity to get an alive person it would be Arturo Michelena. Since I saw his painting, it has motivated me and invited me to explore other techniques in painting.

7. What is your biggest disappointment?

The politicians.

8. Which exhibition have you seen that inspired you the most?

A Venezuelan artists group exhibition. In it were works by Arturo Michelena, Cristobal Rojas, and Armando Reveron. It was phenomenal to see all those works live.


9. Who would you like to be for 1 day?

I´m comfortable and happy with who I am.

10. Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why?

Believe it or not, it is very difficult to choose. I prefer both of them. I like the plasticity and brushwork of Rembrandt and the composition of Mondriaan, both of them are great.

11. What is your best quality?

To be a dreamer with my feet on the ground

12. Favorite Song?

Africa by TOTO.

13. Do you have a (strange) ritual?

Work very early. I don´t know why, but when I work I like to start from early hours.

14. When was the last time you had to cry?

It was a long time ago, the good thing is that it was from happiness. The first time that happened to me, I didn´t know that a such a beautiful feeling could arouse tears.

15. Favorite movie

I´m not a person that watches a lot of movies, but I can say that my favorite movie is “Sweeney Todd”. When I saw it, was one of the best days of my life.

16. What is your goal for this year?

I have two goals. The first, to visit Holland (being there, painting and eating a lot). The second would be, paint as much as I can and recover lost time.


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