It took a while, but the coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has also reached the Street Art world. As people appear mostly to be furiously collecting toilet paper, I quietly scroll through my Instagram and notice a theme…

First, I saw a work by the Italian artist Exit Enter. With a small drawing the artist says thanks to all nurses and doctors in the field for their strength and courage. The title of the work is “Quarantine” and it shows us a typical Exit Enter figure, only this time with a protecting mask and nursing uniform. In his arms he carries a thumping heart.

exit enter corona street art
Quarantine by Exit enter

UK artist Gnasher works in a larger format. The mural shows a figure fully equipped in an antivirus uniform. In his raised hand a bottle of Corona beer, with the letters “Cheers” in the background.

gnasher street art corona
“Cheers” by Gnasher

Khamoosh, a graffiti artist from Tehran, also shows a person in full protective gear. This time not holding up a beer, but the message ‘don’t be afraid’ (in Farsi). Like Italy, Iran is one of the countries where the coronavirus has had a major impact.

khamoosh street art corona

Over in America, we see a hero appear. This time in the form of Tom Hanks, who “beats the shit out of the virus.” Mike Winkelmann alias ‘Beeple‘ portrayed Hanks, tested positive for the coronavirus, like a superhero with an extremely muscular torso in the midst of pounding the coronavirus with his fists. The virus is represented by a pink body with a virus head.

tom hanks corona street art

Rob Perez aka Dead Beat Hero, an American artist hiding in Vienna, warns us with his mural to wash our hands more. On Hermanplatz in Berlin another artist has written “Deadly like Corona” in a toxic green color.

Dead Beat Hero

Our ‘own’ Dadara represents the virus as a bomb that can explode at any time, while PØBEL from Norway wants us to stay safe while kissing.

dadara art corona
Dadara art
pobel street art corona
okuda art corona stay save

And finally, Okuda‘s art. He shows his version of Magritte’s ‘Lovers’ with a request to take responsibility. He urges us to limit social life as much as possible. It indicates that there are many things you can do at home, such as watching a series that you never found time for or to finally read that book. He warns against visiting public places and asks everyone with symptoms of illness to stay at home. In short, be responsible, and leave some toilet paper for shoppers coming after you! Stay safe <3

amsterdam street art shop
Claudia is a born Amsterdammer, with roots in Napoli, Italy. Growing up in the south of Amsterdam, she witnessed the upcoming street art culture in her neighborhood. On the garage door opposite her house the names Shoe, Jezis and Zap started appearing over and over, followed by larger works on the walls of the neighborhood’s beautiful homes.


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