Every week artists are hitting the streets and sharing their latest work with us. Check out the newest murals. Enjoy Weekly ASA #21! 

Great statement by Kobra Street Art.

House of Megg‘s last mural of 2019 in collab with Lingerid honors those fighting the tragic fires in Australia. Check out both their Instagrams for the full story behind this powerful work.

This work by DOES is in progress but already cool enough to share!

Cool nature meets urban work by Curtis Hylton.

Check out Bond Truluv‘s first work of 2020.

Dope work that pops off the wall by KAZZIUS.

Nice Beethoven piece by Roy Schreuder.

Cute robin by Simian Switch in Dordrecht “Flipped and older design to do this mural. Sadly the neighbors were not to pleased by the bright previous work of colleague rumbl. After a year of finding a solution, we decided to cover the wall with something more darkish.”

Beautiful mural by LINA ARIAS, we love the mysterious colors.

The Amsterdam Street Art 10 Years Anniversary Birthday Calendar is out now!
To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have released a birthday calendar to mark all your special dates. Thanks to some really dope effects, the 13 art pieces really pop off the paper. Today we tell the story behind January’s mural. 

January’s mural is curated by Street Art Cities & Gemeente Heerlen and shows a typical winter scene from Limburg, that matches January’s cold feel. Hendrick ecb Beikrich creates eye-catching works of documentary and fictional portraiture that traverse the personal and the private. The mural is located in street art city Heerlen and created in 2014. The mural, curated by Street Art Cities and Gemeente Heerlen, is located in a residential area and is one of the highest of Heerlen. Let’s hope this January gives us some snow because it suits this mural very well. 


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