The opening of our current exhibition “Abstractalizm” was a big success. It’s definitely the combination of great artworks, nice and beautiful people, a lovely cocktail and some fresh tunes that visitors enjoy this night out and buy art.

We invited 7 different artists to be part of this show, all specialized in abstract art with a flavor of urban culture. Think bold colors, lines, murals and patterns. Abstract art can’t be explained precisely in words, because it effects people personal. It’s an experience. An experience you must come and see at art’otel

After the opening we like to give you a small insight of the participating artist’s mind so we asked them a few questions about their work as an artist & include some fun facts..

We introduce to you: richard lamain

Richard is an example of a great self taught artist. His work is known for geometry, lines and surfaces, tightly done using at most a few colors which are perfectly attuned to each other. Without any education or background in the art world, he did his own research and taught himself everything. By taking the risk to do things in the art industry, he got to the point where he is now and it worked out well for him. Richard’s inspiration comes from geometry, architecture and ‘urbex’ (visiting, and photographing abandoned buildings or locations that are not publicly accessible). He looks up to artists like Frank Stella, Elsworth Kelly, Ad Reinhardt and John Mc Laughlin.


I get my inspiration from Islamic geometric patterns, all kinds of origami/folding techniques, work made by Dutch artist Jan Schoonhoven and everything geometric 🙂

Can you describe the best piece of art you have created?

The best piece is hard to say, I guess it’s the next piece I am gonna make….hahaha

I love to create the mandala like pieces but it’s the TSSL series that started everything for me in the artworld (the TSSL144 120x120cm can be seen in the art’otel right now)

An black abstract urban artwork by Richard Lamain that stands in the art'otel gallery Abstractalizm exhibition, curated by Amsterdam Street Art
TSSL144 by Richard Lamain


Hmmmm, I just love to create, I have to create .. but that’s the same for every artist.

It makes me very happy when someone buys my work and sends me photo’s when they’re in their new homes and they will be enjoyed for more than 100%

We can well imagine that after reading this blog you have become interested in buying a work. To make this possible we included the exhibited works in our webshop. For those in and around Amsterdam, you can visit our exhibition from 2 December 2022 – 30 March 2022. art’otel gallery is open 7 days a week from 11 am till 11 pm and is located in front of Central Station.

Abstractalizm exhibition at art'otel curated by amsterdam street art

While visiting the gallery feel free to visit ARCA Bar & restaurant on the first floor for some really great food and cocktails. During this exhibition they serve a special designed cocktail thanks to participating artist @VisualRugs and the awesome cocktail shakers of ARCA.

Also looking for an abstract work for your home or office? Check out our webshop to see more of the work Richard. Or feel free to contact us at to discuss any custom made artwork. 


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