Every week artists are hitting the streets and sharing their latest work with us. Enjoy Weekly ASA #8!

feck criss street art

Great work by FekCriss for Festival Acolman 2019

adnate street art

Adnate made the highest portrait on top of The Adnate by Artserieshotels in Perth, Western Australia.

oakoak street art

Great mural that went pretty viral by oakoak for Sorry not sorry Gent.

charles foussard street art

Great work on an even greater location by Charles Foussard.

sock wildsketch

We love the fact that artists show how cool street art can look on trains instead of the association most people have that art on trains is always vandalism. This amazing work is by Tom Wild Sketch. Another great example from art on a train is Noah’s Train.

mantrarea street art

Mantrarea keeps creating his gorgeous butterflies, this time in Las Vegas.

wild welva street art

Wild Welva created some happy, playing monkeys for the first edition of Festival Mon Art.

jofre oliveras street art

Jofre Oliveras knows how to make a statement, as he does with this work named ‘The Privilege’ for Memorieur Bane in Terracina, Italy.

david bcn street art

Spongebob…what happened? Cool work by DavidL.

wd wilddrawing

WD Wilddrawing latest mural is called “With our thoughts we make the world.” A beautiful quote that sets you to thinking and a good idea to end the ASA Weekly #8 with.

See you next week!



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