Last Sunday Hilton Alves finished another wave mural for the 101 Perfect Waves – International Mural Project. This time he visited U.S. Vets Homeless Shelter, in Waianae and donated his time and efforts to inspire children to be more involved with art.

As you might know, he sold some of his paintings throughout online auctions on his social media to be able to fundraise money to buy art supplies for the kids (64 kids in total). Hilton got them easels, paint set, palettes, canvases, etc..all the best brand in the market, so that way they will have quality to start doing art on their own.


The mural was also a donation…and Hilton had Jeff Bermoy, who he met last month during the open studio art show here in Kahuku and by mentioning about the mural project, he offered to cut hair at the U.S. Vets for free…he works at Citizen Salon, in Honolulu. (Mahalo Jeff for cutting my hair too!)

Also Hilton would like to thank Jams World, Route 99 Hawaii, Vertical Technologies Hawaii, Titan Tool, Bomber Eyewear & FireWire Surfboards Hawaii…companies who supported his decision to drive around Oahu for the last three months doing murals and inspiring people, specially kids, to be involved with art!



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