Artzine, the marketplace for artists and art lovers, is hosting a new edition of their contest. The Artzine Art Prize aims to uncover and showcase the best artistic talent from around the world and to support brilliant artists who are defining our perception of what contemporary art is today. Featuring an international established jury (ASA Founder Ives One included) the artworks are divided in four categories;  peoples choice, figurative art, abstract art, urban/pop art. We at ASA don’t see art as a contest. But we do love contests that support artists and give them the recognition they deserve. That’s why we host the Benelux Street Art Awards and why ASA is part of the Art Prize jury.

How do you enter?

To enter you must set up a Artzine artist profile and upload your work, then click the Enter Now button on their page to select your entry. Entry is free, and the competition is open to all artists of the world, but please note that there is a selection process and not all submissions will be accepted. Artworks must be original, created by the artist, currently for sale, and comply with Artzine Terms and Conditions. You can submit your entry till September 1st 2018. Shortlisted artworks will be announced on the 10th September 2018, and the winners will be announced on the 1st October 2018. You can change your entry anytime before September 1st 2018. Any votes you may have received before you change your entry will be lost. Art entered may be sold on Artzine during the prize. This will not affect judging or your eligibility to win.

How do I vote?

Navigate to the entries page on and click the Vote button on the artwork you want to vote for. You will need to create an Artzine account to vote. Voting will commence on July 11th 2018 and will determine the winner of the People’s Choice award. Only one vote is allowed per person.


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