In the past years, ASA organized several exhibitions at GO Gallery Amsterdam. The gallery is founded in 1997, at the time the ‘art world’ didn’t acknowledge street art as an art form yet. GO Gallery and ASA work together since ASA established in 2010. Every year ASA in collaboration with GO Gallery organizes an exhibition showing work of both recognized names from the street art scene as upcoming talent.

During this new ASA art exhibition, we present 28 artists from all 28 European Union countries. The work of all artists are printed on the famous Fabriano paper from the Innova editions collection. Completely in the lines of the European Union vision: Same size, quality, price & rights.

Expect a wide orientated collection of well-known artists including some ”unknown” stars from the European Union

28 stars art show

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Studio Giftig / Dzia & Sons / Nasimo / Paparazzi ART Studio / Stine Hvid / Taneli Stenberg / Nicolas Barrome Forgues / Stamatis Laskos / / #ADWart / Peeta / Lunar / KIWIE / Tadas Šimkus / Daniel Mac LLOYD / Twitchcraft / #FreshMaxMariusz Waras / Thè Orion / Azram / #Ewilone / Manomatic / ChemiS / Mr Cenz / case_maclaim / Sänk / Add Fuel / Herr Nilsson

The 28 STARS European Union Art Show exhibited 28 works form 28 artists, one from every country from the EU. With the show, we fight for equivalent rights for all the participating artists. Same size, quality & prize. All works were in a limited edition print of 10. Because of the wide orientated collection, there was a work to fall in love with for everyone.

Company: ASA x GO Gallery.
.Category: Curation & Advice.
.Mission: Curate a typical ASA exhibition, presenting 28 artists from all 28 European Union countries.
.Skills used: curation, production, design, promotion.

Would you also like to create an innovative experience? ASA is the perfect partner to design an ‘out of the box’ concept for your product, message or company whereby several urban disciplines reinforce each.

For several clients, ASA developed multi-disciplinary concepts. Within these concepts, street art is combined with, as an example, urban music, and interactive workshops. The total experience has a reinforcing effect to keep the target group actively involved and to realize the underlying (commercial) goals.

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