Together with the Klimaatmuseum we will host several creative activities to raise awareness about the climate crisis. This might sound a bit strange since most of the artists we work with are all working with harmful spray cans. Of Course this doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the fact that nature is calling.

Nowadays more and more paint distributors are giving more options to work with paint that doesn’t harm nature as the old school versions that we are used to. We absolutely won’t deny that we are part of the problem but we also think, that every bit that we can change or let people think and talk about, will help to change this a bit. Now is the time! In collaboration with the Klimaatmuseum we will confront you with some visual experiences to think about this problem, to talk about this problem and even, to change your complete mindset to be aware of this problem.

The Klimaatmuseum stimulates and facilitates art, creativity and imagination about climate. They are convinced that a sustainable world is closer when artists, creatives and a large and broad audience participate. On a regular basis they host the so-called pop-up museums to raise awareness about this problem.

The coming month artist Tycho, Chris Marmier and Maarten van der Glas will work on their own vision about this topic. The creative hot-spot Lola Buitenpost in Amsterdam South-East will be our headquarters while artist Chris Marmier will paint the facade. Chris Marmier is an artist based in Amsterdam who tells stories with his unique style and color palette. With acrylic paint and ink he expresses his vision of the world – emphasizing some details, giving it a little twist and opening up to different interpretations. With nature and climate change as the source of inspiration he invites you to pause and take the time to study the multitude of details. Chris will work with sustainable mineral silicate paint from KEIM

Meanwhile artist Tycho will work on a striking intervention in the nearby area related to this topic. Tycho (1994) is an Amsterdam artist with a predilection for public space. With extensive experience in the field of graffiti and street work, he frequently follows the path of unsolicited expression and subversive expressions about urban change. With a critical eye he counterbalances the inequality these changes bring about. Sometimes with a straight leg, sometimes with the necessary Amsterdam humor.

For those who will visit Lola buitenpost during the “official” opening on Sunday September 25th, artist Maarten van der Glas made an incredible Augmented Reality experience. Also this creative expression is in line with the main topic and is definitely worth a visit. Maarten is a multimedia artist who works as a VJ, moviemaker and creates interactive (digital) installations. His works contains various aspects of surrealism, magical realism and electricism.

Music video that Maarten made in 2015

The opening of the “Klimaat op straat” project / pop-up museum will be on Sunday September 25th from 2pm until 6pm at Lola Buitenpost. Feel free to pass by, have a chat with the participating artists, members of our team or get professionally informed by the team of the Klimaatmuseum. During the opening day you can have a short art walk around the neighborhood, get a refreshing drink, a drink and bite at restaurant Elixer and listen to the climate poets. In the meantime, keep an eye on our social channels to follow the work in progress.

Lola buitenpost – Restaurant Elixer – Egeldonk 50 – Amsterdam



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