In 2021 ASA was asked to produce a street art project for the Klimaatmuseum. The Klimaatmuseum is a pop-up museum and stimulates / facilitates art, creativity and imagination about climate. They are convinced that a sustainable world is closer when artists, creatives and a large audience participate. 

The aim of the collaboration is to draw attention to the climate crisis in a creative way through street art. A unique and perhaps even strange collaboration since most artists work with harmful spraycans.

In 2022, our 1st appointment was at Lola Buitenpost, a creative hotspot with a radio station, vegetable garden with their own chickens, the Bijlmerbios and a restaurant called Elixer. Lola Buitenpost organizes various activities for the neighborhood and the space can be rented for various occasions. All this in the middle of Ganzehoef, a gem in the middle of the Bijlmer. It was a nice and atmospheric environment for the artists to work and the food of Elixer was great.

After the application, we have been busy curating the most suitable artists. We soon found artist Chris Marmier for the mural. Chris knows how to confront the viewer with a sensitive subject in a colorful way. Chris’s work is regularly set in a nature environment, which in this case is the perfect match.

We know the Amsterdam artist Tycho from the streets of the city of Amsterdam and he knows how to use street art in a playful way to draw attention to various social problems.

Digital artist Maarten van der Glas is involved in a wide range of art projects and has certainly earned his stripes with this, an artist who is committed to the subject of the climate crisis with great skills.

A few weeks before the opening, the various concepts were presented to the neighborhood and they participated by expressing their own vision about the climate crisis by submitting personal quotes. A selection of these quotes were subsequently printed on posters and distributed throughout the Bijlmer.

With the creative hotspot Lola Buitenpost as our temporary head office, we were able to directly support the Klimaatmuseum and the artists who were involved. Chris made a high-profile mural on the facade of Lola outpost. At first glance, the colorful figures, moving elements and funny details seem cheerful and cozy. But a big catastrophe takes place in this mural. Caused by a tidal wave, because of the rising sea level. Of course, eco-friendly paint from Keim and black AirInk was used for this.

Meanwhile, artist Tycho was working on an obvious intervention in public space. Tycho, (or actually his assistant), went for a wet suit and together they managed to place a large sculpture, called “Amsterdam, ik laat je niet vallen.” (Amsterdam, I won’t let you down.) in a “dirty” ditch. He also placed various building signs designed entirely in the style of the Municipality of Amsterdam. This statement emphasizes the urgency of the climate crisis in a playful and artistic way.

For those who visited Lola Buitenpost during the “official” opening on Sunday, September the 25th, Maarten van der Glas created an incredible Augmented Reality experience. The climate crisis has problems and solutions. Artist Maarten van der Glas wants to show and feel this contrast. He does this with symbols and figures. He also shows that everything around us is related to the climate issue. Such as the economy and power relations. So to combat climate change, we actually need a completely new system. A completely different way of life that takes into account the limits of a habitable earth.

In the meantime Klimaatmuseum and Amsterdam Street Art worked on a raised city bench which is not only a nice place to sit on, but is also a good spot to think about the climate crisis. 

We confront the visitor with some visual experiences to think about this problem, talk about it and maybe even change the mindset from this creative perspective. 

You can now view all street artworks at Lola Buitenpost, Egeldonk 50. Come by have a snack and drink at restaurant Elixer, view the route map and be surprised during this short art walk in the neighborhood. Maarten’s Augmented Reality can still be experienced though

Wanne see more about this project?

Do you also want to create an innovative experience? ASA is the perfect partner to design an ‘out of the box’ concept for your product, message or company in which multiple urban disciplines reinforce each other. 

ASA has developed multidisciplinary concepts for various clients. Within these concepts, street art is combined with, for example, urban music and interactive workshops. The total experience has a reinforcing effect to keep the target group actively involved and to realize the underlying (commercial) goals.


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