The opening of our current exhibition “Abstractalizm” was a big success. It’s probably the combination of great artworks, nice and beautiful people, a lovely cocktail and some fresh tunes that visitors enjoy this night out and buy art.

We invited 7 different artists to be part of this show, all specialized in abstract art with a flavor of urban culture. Think bold colors, lines, murals and patterns. Abstract art can’t be explained precisely in words, because it effects people personal. It’s an experience. An experience u must come and see at art’otel

After the opening we like to give you a small insight of the participating artist’s mind so we asked them a few questions about their work as an artist & include some fun facts..

We introduce to you: michelle hoogveld

The Canadian artist Michelle Hoogveld stands for joy, happiness and peace. While creating canvases and murals she is aware of what colors to use because of how it can influence people’s emotions. With her art she is connecting and uplifting people by using various vibrant colors and visuals that are inspired by color theory, connection, and matters of the heart. 

Michelle creates compositions of bold patterns and textile-like blockings of color, with layers that weave and fold together as an intricate tapestry of who we are as people, the places we encounter and the one thing that connects us all – love.  She has painted for different clients and festivals in Canada, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, England and Spain. One of her great works is ‘Heart Court’ in Beverly Hills.

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

Truthfully, I’m rarely home. But I will say, with my recent moving to Montreal, I feel a new sense of confidence and enthusiasm within my artwork. It’s a city that feels alive with creative energy and passion and with that I feel more open to what is possible from my work. So…let’s see where that goes! 


I’ve always been drawn to a sense of freedom within abstraction. It’s challenging, yet intuitive, and playful all at once.  For me, this continues to push how I use colour and form and pattern within my work. I also love the element of a surprise found in an abstract piece. From the way the composition comes together, to the subjectivity of a viewer’s response – it brings out emotion and curiosity and the willingness to look past what something is and instead how it can be felt.  

Michelle Hoogveld at the exhibition Abstractalizm at art'otel
Work of Michelle Hoogveld at art’otel Gallery

Can you describe how art is important to society?

Art is a form of love…So dream big and share as much of it as possible!

mural of Michelle Hoogveld

We can well imagine that after reading this blog you have become interested in buying a work. To make this possible we included the exhibited works in our webshop. For those in and around Amsterdam, you can visit our exhibition from 2 December 2022 – 30 March 2022. art’otel gallery is open 7 days a week from 11 am till 11 pm and is located in front of Central Station.

Abstractalizm exhibition at art'otel curated by amsterdam street art

While visiting the gallery feel free to visit ARCA Bar & restaurant on the first floor for some really great food and cocktails. During this exhibition they serve a special designed cocktail thanks to participating artist @VisualRugs and the awesome cocktail shakers of ARCA.

Also looking for an abstract work for your home or office? Check out our webshop to see more of the work Michelle Hoogveld. Or feel free to contact us at info@amsterdamstreetart.com to discuss any custom made artwork. 


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