The opening of our current exhibition “Abstractalizm” was a big success. It’s probably the combination of great artworks, nice and beautiful people, a lovely cocktail and some fresh tunes that visitors enjoy this night out and buy art.

We invited 7 different artists to be part of this show, all specialized in abstract art with a flavor of urban culture. Think bold colors, lines, murals and patterns. Abstract art can’t be explained precisely in words, because it effects people personal. It’s an experience. An experience u must come and see at art’otel

After the opening we like to give you a small insight of the participating artist’s mind so we asked them a few questions about their work as an artist & include some fun facts..


visual rugs aka anna gawecka

Anna aka Visual Rugs is a creative photographer, mostly working in the field of light painting and long exposure techniques. She likes to create new things, think out of the box and experiment with art. In her photography and tufting work her inspiration comes from light, shadows, water, reflections, geometry and architecture.

Everything Anna sees, can in very unexpected ways turn into a rug design. She creates floor as well as wall rugs. If you are looking for a rug with an urban twist for your home/ office / studio or if you even want to have them custom made, you can contact us via our contact form. Besides our wide range of artworks, we provide many creative solutions for your company. Think of murals, designs, guerilla marketing, live painting and many more possibilities.

We know you as a light artist, did you completely switch to design rugs?

Indeed I already had a 1 year break from taking light painting photos but it doesn’t mean I quit, it is just an artistic break. I love and enjoy manual work so in the meantime first I was transforming my ideas by embroidering and then I started with creating rugs as a process of my therapy and I fell in love with this craft. Most of my rug designs are based on my pictures – for example the rug – Circular waves is a project for light painting images I have never taken – but I will! So the answer is yes and no because my goal is to create a light painting image and transform it into the rug as close as possible with the yarn 🙂 


Of course a cat 🙂

How is your experience working with Amsterdam Street Art?

Great, supportive and keeping my stressed moments under control. I’m really grateful for this opportunity to show my work during the show Abstractalizm.

visual rugs at the ABSTRACTALIZM exhibition at art'otel curated by Amsterdam Street Art

We can well imagine that after reading this blog you have become interested in buying a work. To make this possible we included the exhibited works in our webshop. For those in and around Amsterdam, you can visit our exhibition from 2 December 2022 – 30 March 2022. art’otel gallery is open 7 days a week from 11 am till 11 pm and is located in front of Central Station.

Abstractalizm exhibition at art'otel curated by amsterdam street art

While visiting the gallery feel free to visit ARCA Bar & restaurant on the first floor for some really great food and cocktails. During this exhibition they serve a special designed cocktail thanks to @VisualRugs and awesome cocktail shakers of ARCA.

Also looking for an abstract work for your home or office? Check out our webshop to see more of the work Richard. Or feel free to contact us at to discuss any custom made artwork. 


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