Street art / Drawings / Canvas / Illustrations / Design
Let’s meet Mossy Giant. He’s an Amsterdam based illustrator & graphic designer who practices his craft in a small studio close to the center of the city. Mossy Giant takes tremendous pride in his craft, always creating by hand, whilst also flirting with the digital realm – on a continuous journey to master his tools.
The almost neurotic fascination with detailed line-work and stories within stories are very prevalent in Mossy Giant’s work. He wants the onlooker to be captivated by the piece and have the spectator discover new elements within the work time and time again. His works are not for the easily distracted, he wants people that take the time to sit down and look at the lines and details and step into the worlds that are in front of them. Nature, Man, Beast & machine are the recurring themes that are at play within the creations of Mossy Giant. Wizard-like hippies, jolly bears and archaic transportation devices (read Hippie Vans) are subjects that the giant loves to put on paper.
“If everybody could be like the hippie and the bear, this planet would be one happy habitat, respected, healthy and at peace!”
About commercial work…
The free spirited illustrations and art pieces translate extremely well to the commercial side of the art world – Mossy Giant works with an array of clients around the globe, most of them within the Cannabis industry. Companies like Exotic Seed, City Farmers, Recreator Hemp Apparel, Azoth CBD Oil, City Seeds Bank and many more rely on the illustration and design expertise of the Mossy Giant on a daily basis.
Mossy Giant enjoys working with clients who promote and sell products that are good for our planet. Cannabis is among one of those things that can really help out spaceship earth. Through art and clever design the Mossy Giant wants to help de-stigmatize one of the most powerful resources known to man. Mossy Giant also strives to promote any other endeavor that impacts the world in a positive way, through art and creation. Mossy is always open to new and exciting projects, so if you have something in desperate need of art (even if it is not plant related 😉 do not hesitate to reach out…