Sammie alias Simian is an illustrator and muralist. Based in the small city Dordrecht.

He lives, paints and is organizing projects and murals in the public space. Painting since the early 2000s, the murals and illustrations produced by Simian have made a huge transformation with recognizable signature line work.

Dordrecht being the home of some iconic style writers left an impact on the techniques and progress made to this day. Passionate in the craftsmanship behind arts turned his interests towards a broader field like acrylics and installations. Designing big sized decors, analog and digital studio work influenced his perspective and approach to murals and line work.

As for the subjects and objects recurring in the work, aspects from tribalism and symbolism are often found. Mingling this with characters and psychedelic elements as a whole creates a dreamy scenery. The images mainly have a decorating function as some works do implement a message or statement. If so, often using the recurring paradox, quite grim and dark-humored human behavior defining the architecture of life.

Having more interest in the visual effect and composition, let’s most works appear to be decorative artwork. The subject and composition of the artwork is primarily a visual reaction to their surroundings, structures, and state of mind of lives living around the artwork.

A slight abstract composition using techniques from Art Nouveau and stereometry sets a certain ground for the collage-like adding of figurative space.

Heavy focus on detail and line work, fades and slicing.

Media: Photoshop, Illustrator, illustration, muralist, stage design, custom made.




ASA works with an artist database with over 400 artists worldwide. This means we can provide a wide range of creative services. Simian Switch is one of the ASA “Selected Artists” which means that he has done several commissioned jobs for us, where we received a motivated positive reaction from the client. We proudly present some of his specialties which might be the perfect solution for your creative project.

Feel free to contact us to receive more information or when you would like to involve Simian Switch in your creative process.




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