On 11th March, STRAAT Museum invites all graffiti and street art enthusiasts to dive into the history of these art movements in Amsterdam, a city once regarded as ‘Europe’s graffiti capital’. 

Produced and directed by Stunned Film, Kroonjuwelen is a movie from 2006 that documents through rare video footage the Dutch graffiti scene development from 1978 to 2005. By featuring interviews and action scenes with renowned local artists, the film covers the birth of graffiti out of the punk movement into the emergence of hip-hop culture, following the evolution of this art form into the art world. 

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this legendary film, we are organizing a panel with leading characters from Kroonjuwelen to talk more about where the scene came from, how it was at the time of the documentary and how it is now, 15 years later. This talk is going to be live streamed from STRAAT Museum Youtube channel on 11/03 at 6pm (Dutch time). 

After that, the full movie – which has already been streamed at Tate Modern – is going to be available with English subtitles in STRAAT Museum Youtube channel until 18/03/2021. This way our audience has the chance to watch it at their preferred time.


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