An extra-long Weekly ASA today with murals of last week and the week before. Scroll down for loads of art and creativity!

goin street art lisboa

BALLERINA by GOIN in Lisboa, Portugal. “In the chaos, a new dawn of hope is rising up on mankind. Stop following false prophets and stand up for love and humanity!”

ken plotbot

This work of Ken Plotbot matches so well in the room it’s painted in. Picture by Glory of Disrepair.

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tyler street art

“There is always hope. If you can’t find it, contact your drug dealer.” strong work and caption by Tyler Street Art.

sunra street art stencil

Great stencil work by SUNRA.

lalone street art

Lalone spiced up the playground with this cool mural. Algemeen

lelin alves street art

Nice work by Lelin Alves in his typical style.

kitsune street art

Lovely mural in the cutest colors by Kitsune Street Art.

sonny sundancer miami street art

‘T H E T A I L E N D’. by Sonny Sundancer in Miami.

mr cenz inkie graffiti kings street art

Stunning colorful collab between Mr Cenz, Graffiti Kings and Inkie. Pic by London by Zappa.

betarok75 street art

New work by Betarok75 with Institut for Urban kunst & Music on Roskilde.

fabio petani street art

Cupric sulfate & Penstemon blackbird by Fabio Petani. Picture by Dante Cavicchioli.

louis masai street art

Cool work by Louis Masai for a school project about energy efficiency in the UK.

spanish street art

This work is made by Sake Ieneka and made to honor a local Spanish tradition.

mural drapl street art

Love the colors on this tropical colored mural by Drapl.

the london police tona one street art

Even when The London Police is on holiday they’re leaving their art. This piece is in Vientiane, Laos (they were actually feeding the homeless dogs) and works so well with the TONA piece.


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