A meeting with MrX.

What achievement makes you the most proud ?

I guess finding my path in life and enjoy it everyday. Most people are stuck in jobs they hate or at best they tolerate. In our society, you’re programmed and guided to fit in a box chosen for you. Box that you’re not allowed to leave until society puts you in your final wooden box. I guess i built my own…with a little help of course.


Favourite Dutch food ( if you know anything of course )




From who did you learned the most ?

I didn’t go to art school or learned from “someone”… i learned from my mistakes and keep learning from them as I still make a lot of them ;). SO yeah, there no “who” but a “what”. If I still had to mention a who, I’d say I learned a lot from my buddy Mr.Mong. Not that he taught me how to draw/paint even though he has crazy skills I’ll never reach, it’s more about our chats. I’ve learned a lot about art, we shared inspiration sources and it always feels like charging batteries.


What do you really love ?

Peaceful moments out of time. I was working in Banks before and that’s when i really found these moments. All the people rushing in the streets in the morning and if you just stop a minute and look at the sky, you enter some kind of bubble where all others are running around you, time stops, you just feel at peace. Some lady almost got killed crossing the streets when the pedestrians light was red just to earn 5 seconds at work… crazy world! It also happens when it’s incredibly silent because of the snow, when you look at a morning sky or a winter sky full of stars, at a wild animal crossing the road. All these moments are gifts and I love to catch them, no photographs, just keep it and enjoy it.



Which museum you like to curate for 1 exhibition

The BAM museum in Mons (BE). When I was a kid, I spent years there because my grand mother was the concierge. It was HUUUUUGE for a kid, perfect adventure land. I was just living “A night at the museum” every day. Curate a show in this place would be awesome for 2 reasons; first for all the good memories I have there and second because it was transformed into a really beautiful contemporary art museum with amazing spaces.


With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

Jeff Soto! No hesitation on that one.



What is your biggest disappointment ?

People. I’m not disappointed by everyone…no no no! I mean, we’re all on earth for only a few years right, so what’s with all the shit storms and other shizzle ? There was this stupid meme about how people close to you like family, friends can be obstacles when you’re doing art…it’s TRUE to the bone and I still don’t get it.


Which exhibition that you have seen, inspired you the most

I’ve seen a Magritte exhibition when I was a kid at school, didn’t know at the time how it would affect my life. I’ve had the chance to go to the Magritte museum recently and definitely I can say that’s the most inspiring artist to me.



Who would you like to be for 1 day ?

My cat but without the butt licking part of their day.


Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why ?

Rembrandt definitely even though I like using geometrics in my work, I’m addicted to details and Rembrandts works are just insane.



What is your best quality ?

I guess you’ll have to ask someone else about that…


Favourite Song

Man, that’s way too difficult because there are a lot of songs… I can’t imagine working without music and it just runs non stop home… recently I listen to a lot of “A Perfect Circle” so yeah, I could say “Weak and Powerless” but that’s only my choice these days, it will change eventually today



Do you have a (strange) ritual ?

Water has a strange effect on my concentration. I do all my communication and paperwork in the morning and then, before starting to paint, I take a shower. All ideas, inspiration rushes to my mind then. I can get stuck in my mind for minutes. After that I’m fully focused and work like a machine. It’s crazy but it works. When I get stuck in front of a white page or ideas are just messing with each other, I take a shower and BAM!


When is the last time you had to cry ?

I could have said something like “last time I cut onions” but I’ll have to pass on this one. Not that never cry and I really like the more intimate side of this itw but for me that’s something i’d like to keep for myself.



Favourite movie

Back to the Future 2. I’ve seen it so many times that I know every little bits of it. Crazy how Biff is now president…



What is your goal for this year ?

My year has been full and i’m super grateful for that. Now I’d like to spend some time in the studio painting, searching, studying and maybe build an interesting package of new works to display in some good location around march. If you have any leads on locations, now is the time 😉




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