From canvasses to the city of Amsterdam, this angel can’t be unseen in the city. We have now decided to put the ‘City Angel’ on a T- shirt for you to rock whenever you feel like. But what’s the actual story behind this angel?

Amsterdam City Angel by Beazarility for Amsterdam Street Art

Beazarility, the man behind the ‘City Angel’ is a big fan of the old nostalgic images of our city. The angel comes in many shapes, sizes and every now and then with different items. A flag, spear or the coat of arms of Amsterdam. The angels are made for the city Amsterdam and that is the place where they belong. But now and then he also made them fly across the city borders.

The coat of arms of Amsterdam

We stand behind the city coat of arms, regardless of nationalities, sexualities etc… We are AmsterdaM!

No matter how tolerant we seem to the outside world in our beautiful city, in Beazarility’s experience the reality is very different. Nowadays we accept only little from each other and are also regularly incited and played against each other through various media forms. Beazarility believes that the city coat of arms is perhaps the only remedy for this. We stand behind the city, regardless of nationalities, sexualities etc. We are Amsterdam! For him, the performance with an angel is a visual form of pride that he would like to see reflected more often in the cityscape.

10 years ago Beazarility started with a study about these angels, in that time he used and presented it in different forms. Digital, as tattoos, a clothing brand, paste-ups and eventually in all kinds of variants as stencil. The raw variants are made through the city with spray cans and the more detailed versions are for elaborated works of art that are intended for gallery’s and enthousiasts/collectors at home.


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