Bublegum is the alter ego of Tirso Paz, when I was a kid I always liked to draw and in 2004 it was when I jumped into the spray and the wall. More than 15 years later it is still my main motivation.

For me, versatility and creativity are fundamental to continue innovating, taking on challenges and trying new concepts. I have tried various techniques such as acrylic paint, airbrushing and tattooing, which has allowed me to nourish myself from different fields.

Currently, I like to play with the delicacy of women and try different textures and mix them with tags and smoke. Flowers are also part of my repertoire sometimes alone and sometimes superimposed on faces.

Connecting with the people seems to me an important aspect being the gaze and what it transmits a key point.

Media: spray paint, acrylics, *airbrush, digital.





ASA works with an artist database with over 400 artists worldwide. This means we can provide a wide range of creative services. Bublegum is one of the ASA “Selected Artists” which means that he has done several commissioned jobs for us, where we received a motivated positive reaction from the client. We proudly present some of his specialties which might be the perfect solution for your creative project.

Feel free to contact us to receive more information or when you would like to involve Bublegum in your creative process.



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