Etnik completes his platonic solid series with σύμπαν in Paris

Swedish/Italian artist Etnik has completed his mural series inspired by the five Platonic solids. The artist has already painted murals as part of this series in Jacksonville, Greece, Millancay and London.

This latest mural is of course number 5 in the series. All of these murals are inspired by and represent the 5 Platonic solids. The solids are named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Plato hypothesized in his dialogue, the Timaeus, that the classical elements were made of these regular solids.

Etnik σύμπαν street art

Etnik’s latest mural is devoted to the Universe element (constellations and heavens). It is titled σύμπαν which is Greek for universe. As with the previous four murals, the shape in the center of the composition represents the element in question. In this instance, the element is the Dodecahedron. For Plato the Dodecahedron is the geometrical symbol of the universe.

etnik street art paris

The wall is situated on Rue Watt, Paris, France. Why Paris for the final wall I hear you ask? Well, Etnik’s “one year project” will finish in Paris with an exhibition on the 6th December. 5 Solid Metaphor will be held at the contemporary and urban art space, GCA Gallery.

Etnik σύμπαν street art

About the Artist

Etnik lives and works in Turin (Italy). Active since the early 90’s in the writing scene, Etnik has been searching for new ways to push the limits of classical graffiti to a higher level of painting. He’s been painting large scale murals worldwide and organizing events to connect the best European artists.

From 2001, his way to paint started to evolve to geometrical and architectural forms, still working on the lettering with a mixture of urban landscapes. This way to represent and criticize the CITY, and painting the urban volumes as an abstract composition, is the way Etnik works on different media from studio painting, to murals or sculpture and installation. His works have been shown in several international galleries and published in many magazines and books.

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etnik street art paris


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