2015 marks the 400th year for beer brand Grolsch, a milestone that needed to be celebrated. ASA created an event with global recognition and launched the communication platform for a year-long global consumer program. To continue the brand’s legacy of nurturing creativity, we launched ‘Celebrating Creativity 1615 – 2015’.

The campaign kicked off with the Grolsch 400 Workshop event. We invited 400 artists from around the world to express themselves, paying tribute to the unique Grolsch Swingtop bottle. The end result: 400 unique pieces of art. Artists were welcomed to a warehouse in Amsterdam, in the heart of the city’s creative district, equipped with an art supply store, easels, canvases, bar, amphitheater, food court, and all-day DJ sets.


Our artists consisted of 28 VIP and well-known artists from across the world and 10 artists from The Netherlands who were our “artists in residence”. We also recruited through our art competition, this attracted a further 362 artists. Amsterdam Street Art hosted the Facebook invite-only event page, that reached 8.3k people in just 3 weeks.

The event was a huge success, we created 450 unique and truly amazing pieces of art over 3 days, which have formed the full campaign mosaic that is at the heart of the consumer global campaign. Adaptations of the campaign have gone live globally and incorporate above the line advertising, digital advertising, limited edition packaging, and glassware.

Company: Grolsch / The Bank.
.Category: Collaborations / Co-productions.
.Mission: Produce a creative event with 400 artists to create a cool packaging for the   Grolsch 400 year celebration.
.Skills used: organization, collaboration, production.

ASA connects brands and (international) artists to challenge each other in creative collaborations. These collabs result in particularly inspiring expressions whereby a strong message and visual climax are combined for an impressive result.

For ASA and the more than 400 connected artists, it’s a welcoming challenge to collaborate in a creative way. This is possible to achieve in several ways but always includes a cross over between multiple target groups and interests. ASA’s role is to connect the most suitable artists to the assignment and to take care of the required inspiration, knowledge, facilities and project management to achieve the desired result.

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