Every week artists are hitting the streets and sharing their latest work with us. Enjoy Weekly ASA #11

guy denning street art

Beautiful work with as well beautiful poem is by Guy Denning at Upfest, Bristol.

digital does street art

Digital Does‘ new work is one big pop of blue.

cayn sanchez street art

Stunning collaboration between Cayn Sanchez and Pintura Mural Barcelona at Full Colors Fest.

bublegumsr street art

Cool work by Bublegumsr and Bad15899 in Barcelona, Spain.

cakes street art

Last week Cake$ already showed us he can turn a famous icon into a refugee. This week he does it again with the iconic image of Lady and the Tramp.

rnst art street art

Gonna get them all! Dope work by RNST Art in Dijon, France.

zike moulin street art

Punk is not dead! By Zike Moulin.

guache art street art

Great mural by Guache Art in collaboration with young and local artists from La Hormiga, Putumayo, Colombia.

Leon Keer street art

This new work from Leon Keer is beautiful but sad at the same time. Like most of his work, it makes you think.

hopare1 street art

Gorgeous new piece by Hopare1 at Urban Art Fair. This piece can be found at Rue de Turenne, Paris, but of course, the artist has work worldwide.

Stay creative and see you next week!


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