From illegal graffiti to contemporary museums, Ard Doko (b. 1991, NL) has been taking the international art scene by storm since the age of 19.
Armed with spray cans, markers, and brushes, the artist is not only tackling 900 square feet walls but has also proven to exhibit his paintings around the world alongside artists like Shepard Fairey, The London Police, Max Zorn, and Joseph Klibanksy.

The works of Ard Doko combine melancholy as well as his need to devour the beauty of life.
His images and stories often depict romance, his rough childhood, and the journey of finding his own identity. Heavy brush strokes, splatters, and shapes carved in the canvas are distinctive for his art and often described as expressive and “straight in your face”.
In an interview with Peripheral Art, he stated; “My style tends to be explosive and chaotic, just like myself”.

Doko’s paintings are shown in various exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA and are getting appreciated in multiple art segments. In 2015 he got invited by Dutch museum De Fundatie to show his work alongside Joseph Klibansky, Niels Smits van Burgst, Ans Markus and many others.

Besides showcasing his artwork around the world, the young artist is also known for setting up community art projects. With “Blue” he ignited a spark in Peoria, Illinois. Making mental health issues less of a taboo and displaying local artists their art on various billboards throughout the city.

In the past Ard has worked with Magic Garage in Los Angeles, Lend9 Gallery (Austria), Go Gallery (Amsterdam) CIAO (USA) and Blooom Art fair (Cologne).

Media: spray paint, acrylics, markers, and canvas




ASA works with an artist database with over 400 artists worldwide. This means we can provide a wide range of creative services. Ard Doko is one of the ASA “Selected Artists” which means that he has done several commissioned jobs for us, where we received a motivated positive reaction from the client. We proudly present some of his specialties which might be the perfect solution for your creative project.

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