Mark your agenda! The 26th of January 2019 ASA’s new exhibition 28 STARS European Union Art Show will open its doors. Hereby we cordially invite you to join us at the opening and visit the show that’s on display till March 16 at GO Gallery Amsterdam. 

Now it’s time for the third part of the introduction to the artists of the EU Show. Missed the first and second artist announcement? Check it out herehere and here!

This project is made possible bij Arca.

Germany: Case Maclaim

28 Stars eu art show

Case Maclaim is a German artist who conquers the world with his work that’s a combination between photorealism and surrealism. He is well-known for his own style and his famous overlaying hands that symbolize unity and power.

Estonia: SÄNK

28 stars eu art show

If you look at SÄNK‘s work it feels like you’re in a world where wildlife and graffiti meet. SÄNK weaves different styles perfectly together and thereby creates his own style, taking you on a journy to see both animals and tags and sometimes people and flora.

Ireland: ADW Art

28 stars art show

ADW ART‘s artworks have a vintage feel, a combination of different techniques and flirt with the world. At first sight you see the fun part of the artwork, later you notice how beautiful all figures have different emotions.

Lithuania: Tadas Šimkus

28 stars eu art show

Tadas Šimkus‘s art is the type that’s like a hidden gem as some of his works are not always directly noticed. He has the talent to create street art that’s one with its surroundings and therefore compliments beautiful the building it’s created on.

Netherlands: Studio Giftig

28 stars eu art show

Studio Giftig is a Dutch art duo well-known for their photorealism style with figures who have powerful expressions. Studio Giftig’s work looks happy due to the vibrant colors, but they move a bit to the dark side every now and then with their use of skulls and skeletons.

United Kingdom: Mr. Cenz

28 stars eu art show

Mr. Cenz’s work is groovy and always contains a high amount of ‘soul’. Almost like soul music in art. The ladies he paints are elegant. Painted with round, graceful lines in combination with a little geometric shapes and colors that seem to come out of space.

Sweden: Herr Nilsson

28 stars eu art show

Herr Nilsson is famous for his work where he makes famous Disney figures and other children’s heroes a bit naughty and rebelious. Wheter it’s Yasmin with a bomb, Ariel putting up her middle fingers, or a sarcastic Winnie the Pooh, Herr Nilsson know’s how to let them stand up in society.

The 28 STARS European Union Art Show exhibits 28 works form 28 artists, one from every country from the EU. All works are in a limited edition print of 10. Same size, quality & prize. Because of the wide orientated collection, we’re pretty sure there’s a work to fall in love with for everyone. Come join us at the opening the 26th of Janurary at the GO Gallery Amsterdam!


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