Every year, ASA is committed to a charity project. By using street art for a good cause we want to generate more attention to charity projects or other foundations who need it. With our (online) platform we have a great reach and what better way to reach people than with street art?

End 2019 Dierenopvang Amsterdam (DOA) approached us to work together and cheer up the concrete enclosures of the shelter with street art. The goal of the transformation was two-sided: create a more cheerful place for the volunteers who are committed to the animals every day and creating a new way to gain more attention for the animals waiting for a new home.

Pictures by Björn Martens.

As a result, we organized the event From the Streets to the Shelter. We invited 20 artists to voluntarily share their creativity this day and transform the shelter into an Urban Jungle. Due to the enthusiasm of the artists and DOA volunteers, the event was a great success. Both animal and street art lovers came by enjoying the artists at work and the music of DJ Hero de Janeiro. To capture this special day photographer Bjorn Martens and videographer Bregt Verhagen were also present.

Pictures by Björn Martens.

Line up: JoostVijfB – KASH – Peter van der Helm – Simian Switch – Serge KB – Jorris Verboon – Mossy Giant – Yasja Ligtelijn – Nicky Nahafahik – NOL – Hugo Mulder DHM – Laser 3.14 – Life is Limitless – Nouchka Huijg – Sjem Bakkus – Beazarility – IvesOne – Combolution – Page33 – TikToy

Aftermovie by Bregt Verhagen.

het parool street art

Interview in Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

Company: Dierenopvang Amsterdam
Category: Charity project
Mission: Transform the concrete indoor areas and gain more attention for the animals waiting for a new home
Skills used: organization, collaboration, production, curation

ASA connects brands and (international) artists to challenge each other in creative collaborations. These collabs result in particularly inspiring expressions whereby a strong message and visual climax are combined for an impressive result.

For ASA and the more than 400 connected artists, it’s a welcoming challenge to collaborate in a creative way. This is possible to achieve in several ways but always includes a cross over between multiply target groups and interests. ASA’s role is to connect the most suitable artists to the assignment and to take care of the required inspiration, knowledge, facilities and project management to achieve the desired result.

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