Since 2017 the successful 3D street art festival Dubai Canvas is held. This festival is the biggest in its sort and focuses mainly on 3D floor and wall paintings, also called anamorphic art. During this event, artists from all over the world get the opportunity to paint Dubai’s public space and even win prizes for their work during their own award show. During the festival in 2017 and 2018, ASA was media-partner of Dubai Canvas and took care of the worldwide interaction between artists and fans.

Official Launch

ASA has tackled the launch of Dubai Canvas by contemporaneously launch the official header on all digital channels. In ASA’s monthly newsletter extra attention had been paid to the event and we even send out a Dubai Canvas special to all our readers. (3000 newsletter sign-ups)

Social Media

In the run-up to the event ASA posted in schedule form posts on Instagram ( 20.000 followers) and Facebook (400.000 followers) so Dubai Canvas would receive extra attention. This, in combination with the header on all social channels including the ASA website, has ensured that Dubai Canvas has grown in recent years into a well-known and respected event attracting a growing number of visitors.

Most important of ASA’s function as a media partner was organizing and giving the right direction to the live stream that could be followed via Facebook and Instagram during the event. The 360 degrees live stream was interactive so followers could interact with the present artists. The live stream empowered brand awareness for both the festival as the artists.

Read the ASA blog about Dubai Canvas here!

 Company: Dubai Canvas.
.Category: Media partner.
.Mission: Generate worldwide interaction between artists and fans and create online visibility of the festival
.Skills used: Collaboration, online, generating audience

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