Both Telmo Pieper, as well as Miel Krutzmann, started working on their creative abilities from a very young age. But it wasn’t until 2007 they met at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Telmo at the time a talented young illustrator and designer, Miel decorating walls for several years, practicing the art of graffiti. In that period they started working together on walls and grew to the ambitious artistic duo they form today.

After the academy, they moved to the Sober-Concept Store, where Sober-Industries (also academy-friends) just started their new studio and shop space. This is the spot where the company ‘TelmoMiel’ became official at the beginning of October 2012.
Working together seamlessly, they both enjoy working in realistic styles. With loads of contrast in subjects. Technique and style have a high priority in the artwork of Telmo & Miel, true craftsmanship is what they want to produce. They work separately on ideas for murals and come together with the sketches to see if combinations can be made. The result is usually very surrealistic, with attention to detail. They always work on the same piece together and are able to switch places whenever wanted or needed.

Telmo & Miel are traveling all over the world to create giant-scale murals and have their exhibitions at various high-class galleries. They won 3 times the Street Art Awards!





ASA works with an artist database with over 400 artists worldwide. This means we can provide a wide range of creative services. TelmoMiel are ASA “Selected Artists” which means that they have done several commissioned jobs for us, where we received a motivated positive reaction from the client. We proudly present some of his specialties which might be the perfect solution for your creative project.

Feel free to contact us to receive more information or when you like to have TelmoMiel be involved in your creative process.



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