Mark your agenda! From the 26th of January 2019 till the 16th of March, ASA’s new exhibition 28 STARS European Union Art Show will be on show at the GO Gallery Amsterdam. 

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The 28 STARS European Union Art Show exhibits 28 works form 28 artists, one from every country from the EU. With the show we fight for equivalent rights for all the participating artists. Same size, quality & prize. All works are in a limited edition print of 10. Because of the wide orientated collection, we’re pretty sure there’s a work to fall in love with for everyone.

The line-up:

Studio Giftig – DziaNasimoPaparazzi ART Studio – Stine Hvid Illustrations – TANELI STENBERG – Nicolas Barrome Forgues – Stamatis Laskos – Mr Zero – ADW artPeeta – Slaven Lunar Kosanovic – KIWIE – Tadas Šimkus – Daniel Mac Lloyd – Twitch – Fresh Max – M-City – Thè Orion – Azram – Ewilone – Manomatic – Chemis – Mr Cenz – Case Maclaim – SANK – Herr Nilsson 

28 stars eu art show

A great paper can make all the difference to a work of art.

The 28 STARS European Union Art Show is not a print show like any other. All artworks are printed by Arca on Fabriano paper. Fabriano paper was found in the 13th century in Italy. The Fabriano mill in the Ancona province is acknowledged as the birthplace of the European paper industry, which makes this kind of paper extra special. Printing all the 28 works on this kind of paper makes the works look truly exceptional and stand out more that any regular print. All prints on show at the 28 STARS European Union Art Show are ready to become true collector’s items. Read more about what makes this paper so special at Innova.

28 stars art show

28 STARS European Union Art Show by Amsterdam Street Art
Official opening: January 26 from 5 pm till 8 pm at GO Gallery Amsterdam
On show till the 16th of March 2019                                                                   

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