Rappers forever on the streets of New York, in memorial pieces RIP forever and thanks for the music.
RIP Jam Master Jay RUN DMC by artist Art.1

RIP BIG L isten Columbo you’re mad because your money come slow And what you make in a year I make in one show. By Artist CantUndo

RIP Sean P Piece created by Meresone P! … Nahmean? Real talk
On some “Brokest Rapper You Know” type shit nahmean?
Do the knowledge

RIP BIG PUN by artist Erika Ramirez I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in ice Who can I trust? Cuban’ll bust plus

RIP ODB Wu-Tang  By artist Baaith & Brew2 Keep MCs in check like a game of chess

RIP Biggie Smalls By artists Rocko_nyc Zimer_nyc Spreadartnyc Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way

Legends will never fade away!


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