The inspiring world of Yu-baba

Born in Belarus and now a New York-based artist, Yu-Baba has studied art since her childhood to later graduate from the faculty of Architecture...


Wojo is an Amsterdam based street art photographer who took his hobby to a next level and is now shooting pictures every day. He...

Tim Marsh – Painting in Utopia

French artist Tim Marsh worked like a man possessed in 2018. With his Barcelona based Poblezoo project, multiple festival appearances & gallery shows in...

Meet the universe of Bao Ho

Street art is a strongly growing art movement with artists all over the world. The art form is getting more popular worldwide, including Hong...

Interview gallery owner Matteo Bidini

Interview with gallery owner and curator Matteo Bidini Hot on the heels of last week's interview with Italian artist Zed1, we are delighted to share...
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