The last details have been put on the walls, the spray cans are empty, 10 amazing & big murals have arisen…If Walls Could Speak is a wrap! 

During If Walls Could Speak 10 international and nationally recognized artists used the Platanenweg as their canvas to create 10 stunning murals. 10 murals with 10 stories, all within the theme: Amsterdam for Everybody. After the If Walls Could Speak interviews with Kash & Chuck, Julieta XLFDopie and Studio Giftig it’s time for…

The ASA collab wall from, Sjembakkus and Beazarility.

Amsterdam knows many role models, people who are inextricably linked to Amsterdam. When team ASA started brainstorming about their design for If Walls Could Speak, it soon became certain they wanted to bring an ode to one of Amsterdam greats. When doing research on the area where the festival was held, they realized the influential Karel Appel, who passed away in 2006, was born not far from the Platanenweg in Amsterdam East. Unlike other famous Amsterdammers, he did not have a street art ode yet.

karel appel street art festival

“At first, we wanted to invite a Dutch artist to make a mural on this wall. But we realized that having the opportunity to organize and curate a festival like this, is something ASA has been trying to achieve since we started 9 years ago. We thought it would bring all the aspects and the mission of the festival together if we would also make a mural. Being both present as the production team as well as artists, asked for a creative approach to the design as we couldn’t be working on the mural all at the same time.” tells Beazarility. From that given, Beazarility created the design in which both Sjembakkus and display their specialties.

karel appel street art festival amsterdam

Karel Appel is an inspiration for, Sjembakkus and Beazarility. After all, Karel Appel was a painter and sculptor, known for his expressionist style and his use of primary colors. He was one of the members of the renowned CoBrA movement and has clearly left his mark on Dutch art history. “Karel Appel is special to us for his style as an artist. It’s the first street art ode for Appel. We wanted to make a mural where our individual styles would complement each other.” Sjembakkus explains. “I usually make portraits,” tells, “the work is a combination of a self-portrait from Apple which he photographed, in combination with a self-portrait he painted within the CoBrA style. The portraits are fragmented, something typical for my work.” The mural shows 8 different disks, that are separated into 4 parts, a total of 16 ‘panels’. Together it shows a fragmentary double self-portrait, in which the styles of the three ASA artists are connected.

karel appel street art festival

Amsterdam for Everybody for the three means a city that offers many possibilities. “Whether you are young or old, there is something to do for everyone and also for self-development, so also as an artist. Now with If Walls Could Speak it brings the opportunity to show so. For us, Amsterdam has always been a city where everyone can feel at home and be creative.”

“De appel valt niet ver van de boom.”

karel appel street art festival


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